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i am ok
it's you i have lost

i am ok
you are the boss

everybody is going to be there
everybody is going to take care
i know there is a way from here to there
this song is merely (a thing) of atmosphere

i am allright
i am the fool

i am allright
no need to proove

nobody wants to loose
nobody wants to amuse

i always acknowledged your right to choose
this song is not for you

weird ways
i wander along
in my mind
and in my song
its make or break
for you and me
look and see
give me a break

lyrics by helga
Posted on 28 Feb 2007 by guitar

In many ways
She changed her life
She bows her head
The sharp-edged knife
She wants the world
She wants it now
Reclaim her life
She don’t know how
She needs to work
And kill the beast
She needs the system
To restist

Don’t - kill - the brat in me
She - he - is good to me

you love your friends
It works out well
They’re Christmas fools
In family hell
you love the styles
you love the fags
Between your legs
You’re always cool
And sometimes bad
queercore ladiez
shake you leg

Don’t - kill - the beast in you
she - he - forever you

sometimes she is hot, freaks out and hits the spot
sometimes she is cold, always does what she is told

You’r looking cool
Right in my face
I try to run
But stay in place
I’m out of town
so sorry
Not in demand
Oh, that’s o.k.
I'm feeling high
I'm feeling low
I’m freaking out
You tell me so

Don’t - kill - the freak in me
That - I - will always be

lyrics by helga
Posted on 28 Feb 2007 by guitar
lyrics by joshua

So what
I do often create 'don't-actions'
your smile so uncertain and frozen
deliver pain
the gap
deliver pain
'bout the trap

it's all about…..

boring it's so boring
to wait
waiting for touching
waiting for shaking hands
waiting for consciousness raising
for changing

it's all about to say nothing
it's all about to say stupid things
situation like brainwashingmachine
Posted on 03 Dec 2006 by guitar
lyrics by joshua

GenderCops work overtime
Gendercops work in my mind

Would I dare passing as man
Nobody fucking ask the date
To show the dick
To show the clit
It's your own private business
Trans subjectivity

Whats up
Fears and taboos
Whats up
Feminist lesbian politics
The real body please stand up!
Please stand up, Please stand up!

Transgendered, Transsexual, Transvestit, Cross-Dresser, Gender-Queer, Transman, Transwomen, Third Gender, Gender Warrios, Passing Women, Passing Man, Drag Queen, Drag Kings, Shape-Shifter, He-she, Transboi, Two Spiriti, Intersexual, Un-Gendered, Cross-Gendered, Morre-than-gendered, Pre-Op, Post-Op, Non-Op, Other-Gendered, Transkid, Genderdeviant, Genderconfused, Gender-Fluid, Girl-Fag, Supragendered

Fake realities fake human
Phantasmatic territory
We talk about transphobia
Show the dick, show the clit
Really it's bullshit

Posted on 04 Nov 2006 by guitar
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